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Sea Unicorn One

Photo was shot on location in Laguna Beach in California. I had the model standing in the tide pools and waited as the waves crashed against the surrounding rocks.

The photo combines the Rise, Crash, and Fall of a single wave. So it is a composite but just for adding the different stages of the wave together into one shot.

Key light was a beauty dish on a profoto B1 boomed on the left side of the frame. I also add a little bit of fill with a 3' x 4' softbox on the right side of the frame to help the sun to appear to wrap around that side.

I went for an illustrative or painterly approach when color grading this image.

30mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Amazing!!! thought she was shot studio for sure.

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Creative job and such job always my choice .

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