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Tony Frattle's picture

Awesome! I am a heavy user of smoke and mood, so I was drawn to this. Great post processing and lighting. Love that we see most of the left eye clearly while the right is obscured with dense smoke. Brilliant.

Andrea Santamaria's picture

Oh thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the photo

Chris Himstedt's picture

Very nice mood and feeling.

Luca Cuomo's picture

Fantastica foto, grandissmo. Spettacolare. Complimenti Andrea

Dimitri Jean's picture

Shot is incredible
man Jesus Christ

Joost van Baars's picture

Good stuff! Love it!

Actual smoke or actual photoshop?

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Matthias Dengler's picture

Wow! Love the grunge!

Anonymous's picture

I love the sooty smoke with the oily skin and overall dark look of this fantastic photograph. It's a bit too centred for my tastes, but I can overlook it with the wow factor of the shot. Nicely done!

Dr Peter Howell's picture

Wow, this is fab!

Travis Weathers's picture

Absolutely love this image! That smoke is perfectly executed. Well done!!