McLaren 675 LT by Arun M Nair
Arun M Nair's picture

McLaren 675 LT

February 27, 2016

For evo magazine/

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David Jaan's picture

The lighting in this is stellar

Arun M Nair's picture

thanks david :)

Gary Compton's picture

How did you light this Arun? I can count three light sources front light back light and interior, are the wheels lit from the two strobes out of frame?

Arun M Nair's picture

Hello gary,sorry for the delayed reply. i only used one light here..since i only got one at the moment. i did the lighting in layer by layer :)

wesjones's picture

So beautiful.

Tomas Jenssen's picture

Love the light!

Rich Thul's picture

Very cool. Thanks for sharing, awesome that you were able to light this with one light.

ilen nalishawa's picture

Perfect the light...