Newborn Mutant Ninja Turtle by Dan McClanahan
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Newborn Mutant Ninja Turtle

February 28, 2016

My attempt at a newborn portrait of my daughter encapsulating my wife's love of crochet and my love of TMNT. The final is compiled from about 20 different photos I took + a few stock pieces. The pizza is from our favorite local joint and eating it made for an enjoyable after party!

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clifford yates's picture

Oh the RAT ! The RAT ! The Rat makes the whole theme come together....... Damn ! Did I tell you your greatest gift is your imagination ! Technique can be learned and mastered, but your vision, your imagination, is special. I walked by your store front the other day and saw the piece where you're drawing yourself from out of a book, if I remember right. That was so cool. You have a Rockwellian flare in your work. That's a special gift !

Guillaume Prugniel J's picture

Oh damn ! I didn't know that newborn photography could be so cool. Really nice work !