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Harley promo

This was promo shot for Harley Davison in the UK, it was a composite of 4 images - the original was shot outdoors during the day and edited to look like night, to create mood and atmosphere.

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Your work is sublime! Great job!

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wow, what a nice comment...thanks Ash

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This is ridiculous.

Like... ridiculously good... invoking a serious sense of jealousy on my end. Very nice!

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thanks for the kind words Adam

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I love it!

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Thanks buddy!

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light painting or multiple flash composite?

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neither, no flash or light painting was used, all lighting effects were created in photoshop

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I've lot to see the before of this to appreciate the work

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Cybertic work! Nice!!

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thanks buddy!

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thanks Mario!

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Love that little warm light that pulls that tyre out of the shadow.

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was it just 1 flat raw in sunlight and then done fully from there? or in a studio?

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Hey Steven, this was shot in sunlight only, no flash

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Dope edit!

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So badass!