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44mm · f/11.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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Love this shot. Just wish the cascading was a little more obvious, but that's minor, it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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very well done

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Thanks Lee!

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Hey Mark, just curious, are you doing any focus stacking for this shot since you're at an angle?

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Hey Brian, no focus stacking on this - this was 2 seperate shots comped together

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That's cool man. I was just curious. When I shoot beverage work at an angle like that, I usually notice softness toward the top of the bottle or glass, so I'll usually mask in or stack focus with a sharper frame at the top

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Lightning is perfect!

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thanks very much for saying that Piotr

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looks more like a 3D render, any specific post done on the image? it just stands out, good job Mark

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Thanks Arun

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Love the shot except for the foam running down the glass. In Ireland with Guinness, it's a huge no no to serve a pint like that, no dirty pints. But it's an epic shot

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Great shot love the glasses and the soft but clean highlights. If I was going to change anything it would be the crop. I don't think the Thin plywood table helps the composition but everything else is spot on.