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One of the images from my ongoing portrait series.

I love the contact she has with the camera through her eyes.

Very simple but effective lighting consisted of a 2m parabolic umbrella on a boom in front of her and a hair light with grided bard doors behind her adjusted high and angled down

To get the right exposure, I had a ND4 filter on my 70-200mm lens at F2/8

Canon 5D Mark II
200mm · f/2.8 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Her white colour eye so nice and i also like such eye .

Love your work, I always wind up on your page when I'm scrolling through the main site. Question if you don't mind... you mention the key is a 2m umbrella but the catchlight looks way too small for that... how did you have this set up? Is that what's causing the catchlight?