Gods by piotr kowalik
May 27, 2016

The shot was conceived within less then an hour. friend of mine wanted to shoot with someone he knew . they arrived almost without any notice and after a quick chat we decided that we will shoot exactly this . I run a studio in North London and we have a large infinity cove as well as loads of space allowing the guys to run and jump as much as they like. I wanted to have some motion but mostly still it meant to be looking frozen with some dynamic looking poses . We had some weapons and tried various . Pushed by time we ended the shoot and hoped that we go enough image to create the final picture . there was a few really good images which i decided to go for but really struggled to get a good jump shot. i ended up by using a image which was shot when my model was knelling on the floor and i shot from the ladder and they it was rotated to look as it was a jump . It looked awesome and that what matter most. one of the weapons had to be done in CGI as i really felt i needed both to have something in hand.
Shoot by www.piotrkowalik.co.uk
Studio www.orangestudios.co.uk

17mm · f/4.0 · 1/1600s · ISO 320
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