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Inner World 2

Just recently i felt an urge to do something which i always wanted to do : “monochromatic” but saturated and “aggressive” .Still somewhat delicate but all shot in red .I wanted to try something what i did not try before , something which would allow me to create a dreamlike set but still feel real and material . I knew i will need to use Photoshop to achieve this but still it needed to be real despite being not from the world as we know it . I like the idea of world being made of strong shapes , with lots of smooth light and shadow elements. Initially i started by defining what elements i wanted to have and how many images will be in the series . Once this was done and i decided to have triangles , oval curves and a rectangle / square .I knew that each image will introduce a new shape which will dominate and create the environment . The set was created as a scaled version of what i imagined out of thin mdf , first sheets were painted and then cut to smaller sizes and shapes .I spent some time experimenting and trying to create a few connected but different looks. I also used 1:1 corner and 2 walls of our studio painted with same red as the rest of shapes and set elements . Almost all lighting was done with #bowens . I used a mixture of daylight and modeling light of my #bowens 750 pro armed with gridded snoot to create most of the set lighting effects .This provided a warm and hard directional light which work well with all the shapes , enhancing the 3d feel and introducing changes to colors . I also needed more flexible , small sources to fill in some shadows and to add extra light effects in some places . And here comes a surprise - i would probably never thought i will use it but... as the set was shot at high F ( 16 or more ) with semi dark studio and i only needed small light source to get some additional lighting effects , i decided to use a small iphone light to “light paint “ some elements . Noty only it did exactly what i needed but it was fun and quick do it ! Final stage was to shoot the model on the 1:1 set in the studio . We used 2x #bowens 750 pro with 2x #bowens reflectors and 2 medium white umbrellas .First light source was placed above the model's head and was repeating samish angle and effect which the scaled set received from the snoot . Second light was closer to the floor level and was used mostly as a fill just to ensure that more detials is being resolved and that when all is being merged in post there will be enough details to work with .
Linear form of the time and space in this series was something which i wanted to implement but was not able to see till the post production . From the beginning i knew that first image will be a stand alone piece , second image will show a new shape but will leave a passage back to see the first image and when we look at the third one we will be able to see all of them .

Canon 5D Mark III
24mm · f/18.0 · 6s · ISO 100
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I love red and this photo made me love it more very well done all the way to me

I don't normally love red, but your use of the color along with the shapes in the models environment made me feel like I was looking into a powerful dream. Very cool!