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Lamp Lit and Grit

This weekend I went out to a mens fashion meetup. I'm usually hesitant to go to these types of events. I find that there isn't much learning going on and somehow they turn into chat sessions where the models get bored and the photographers just want to talk gear. This one was different. Our host kept things rolling. The models were really into the shoot. There were only 4 photographers which I think helped. Everyone including the models were bouncing ideas around and having a great time just trying things out.

This was shot on an overcast morning in the fashion district of Los Angeles. I saw this lamp on the wall and thought it would make for a great composite image. I don't think I nailed it 100% but I am happy with the result being that it was just an experiment.

Gear: Canon 580ex, Canon 6D, yongnuo triggers

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