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Kylie De Costa 2

I used to do a lot of pinup when I first started in photography but kinda got all distracted and ended up in fashion.

It was good to do some more pinup once again.

I have this huge lighting rack suspended from the ceiling which gives me the ability to have all sorts of things hanging from it including models! LOL

Shot with beauty dish on the right and a softbox used as a fill on the left.

Canon 5D Mark II
50mm · f/9.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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Murray Howard-Brooks's picture

great work greggy

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks mate!

Jon Le Plaster's picture

Classic and modern at the same time!!

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Jon

Sascha Pihan's picture

Stunning! I've never seen a photo like thisn one. Chapeau dude!

Greg Desiatov's picture

Thanks Sascha