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Floating food

This was one of my most challenging briefs. I did this for a restaurant, commissioned by the creative team of a big name agency. I did a lot of test on how to shoot this, and made a lot of food fly in the air. I even created a trampoline with a plate glued to it, leaving the food loose, so when I pulled down from it and released it, the food would fly and the plate would stay...
In the end that didn't work.
Finally I had an assistant tossing the ingredients one by one in the air, and then photoshopped everything together into a single composition.

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Hey everybody, thanks a lot for voting up!!!

Even though the light looks like it is coming from the camera right I absolutely love the effort you made to put in the shadows on the table, excellent work and super creative.

well, there were obviously two lights, the back light, coming from cam-left, was a bit higher and drawing the shadow of the plate, which is real. Only the food is what I had to draw, and it's not easy! Thanks for the praise!