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Notre-Dame Basilica

Details, Details... And lots of details!

Notre-Dame basilica's gothic revival architecture is among the most dramatic in the world. The amount of work and detail that went into building these structure is just astounding. Definitely one of the most beautiful church i have been to.

XPro2 + 10-24mm

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That's world class!

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much appreciated Matthias!

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What a beautiful shot! How did you manage to get a shot without people there?
When I was there it was packed with people.

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Thank you Rick, it was 30 mins before closing when we went here, theres only a few people inside, mostly infront, thats why i made the angle a bit lower, so the people wont appear in the frame.:)

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Thank you!

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Thank you for the feature Fstoppers!

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I love the symmetry!!! Absolutely wonderful!

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Thank you Jordan, really glad you like it.:)

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Master piece My friend!!!!! Congrats!

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Thank you my friend, it means a lot coming from you:)

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thank you Leif.

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I can't stop looking at it. really nice photo

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Much appreciated Ron.:)

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Great photo! Is it basically lit like this or did you have to modify it quite a bit in post?

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Thank you Patrick, it was basically lit like this, all ambient light. i just adjusted highlights and shadows in post.:)

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