Ominus Beauty by Michael Hernandez
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Ominus Beauty

Inspired by this look of black and white photography that i discovered a couple years ago, this particular photo cam about while on my way to Malibu California on a still dark early sunday morning. I decided to stop in to downtown Los Angeles to see if i can get a few looks on the building progress of the new Broad museum. This building is adjacent to the Broad. With it's sharp crisp lines and a freakish crystal clear blue sky (in the middle of smoggy summer in LA) i just had to take some shots! One of the best decisions i had ever made. The sun was barely coming up, therefore there were no shadows being cast on the subject from other neighboring buildings. Only the reflections of its self and its neighbor (on the bottom portion of the photo) which i think really makes this shot.

Photo Info:
Canon EOS 50D (no tripod)
EF 17-40 mm USM lens
ISO 100
1/30 sec @ f /11

40mm · f/11 · 1/30 · ISO 100
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