1953 Fiat Supersonic by Michael Hernandez
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1953 Fiat Supersonic

Of all the exhibits that are at the new Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles the room that i call "The Silver Room" was my favorite of them all. The most rare and expensive cars are housed here and they are all painted in silver. In fact, i think i spent more time in this room then i did in the rest of the museum, that's how cool it was there. This particular car is a 1953 Fiat Supersonic . This view of the car is my favorite, it looks like what a 1950's spaceship would look like from the front.

(note: the yellow in the front lights was added by me using photoshop, i think the color helps to warm up the image a bit and really seems to fit the look of the car as well)

17mm · f/5.0 · 1/80 · ISO 640
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