Epiphany. by Matthias Dengler
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August 8, 2016

After two years, my dream came true! I finally hiked up Trolltunga! It is the most beautiful place on earth I've seen so far. I've never worked so hard to take a landscape shot. Four hours of travelling by 4 busses, hitchhiking for half an hour and 5 hours of hiking with 20kg on my back. I started the hike at 5pm and was on top shortly before 10pm, as I scheduled it. Physically I was not really able to do it, just the motivation for the sunset shot kept me going. The weather in Norway this season is so bad that I had to react quickly. So I came up with the travel plan one evening before since the five forecast pages did not show any kind of rain during the sunset. It was a risk, but I'm glad I took it. I wanted this shot so badly for my portfolio!

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Love this shoot . Inspire to see this .

beautiful scene!

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Thank you so much, Kieran! :)