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Meistersingerhalle | Nürnberg | Germany

Natural warm colors await the visitor of the large hall at the Meistersingerhalle in Nürnberg. The entire room was paneled with wood. The ceiling consists of made up of pyramid-shaped elements and the triangular crystal lights attached to them to create a calm overall picture. Despite the enormous size of the hall and the second level created by the tiers, the room appears cozy and inviting.

The viewer's gaze is drawn directly to the stage and the Steinmeyer organ that dominates everything in this room. With its monumental proportions and its 6646 pipes, the organ is an impressive setting and a playable instrument in one. The instrument is a fixed part of the room and underlines the almost sacred overall picture.

For special events the pipe organ is illuminated in various colours. Each time, the Meistersingers are on stage, it is illuminated in a deep blue.

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simple ..great architectural photograph accomplishes exactly what almost being there is!!!!!

Thank you for your words and encouragement. :)