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Volcanic milk with a splash of Moon Light.

6 Shot Panoramic, Each sky shot was done at ISO800, F3.2, 20mins. Processed in PixInsight & merged Photoshop CC 2015.5.

Canon 5D Mark III
50mm · f/3.2 · 1200s · ISO 800
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Incredible! I am so amazed at this! How did you take multiple 20 minute shots and not get terrible blur in the stars?

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Tyler, he will have used a tracker to track the rotation of the earth. For 20min exposures it will have been something like EQ-6 or HEQ-5 German Equatorial Mount. That's why he had to merge them together because if he'd shot it in one shot then the stars would've been sharp but the mountains would have been blurry due to the motion of the mount tracking the star motion :)

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Waouh, incredible shot !!!

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One sec while I wipe off the drool.... ok... phenomenal shot!

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Absolutely gorgeous and wonderful colours.

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Excelent composition!