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Such a clean portrait. I like it.

Excellent high key portrait. Love all the subtle shades of white. A beautiful capture of a beautiful woman.

Definitely one of the better portraits I've seen. Very clean and elegant.

Simple and stunning.

Yeah I'd be curious to know how you did all the whites in this. I assume the walls and color casts weren't this perfectly neutral?

I love this!

This is incredible!

Emma Frost!!!!!

Beautiful portrait! Love all the different shades of white.

Well designed, lit and shot.

great photo

One of the best one's I have seen in a while. Great job!

very clean and simple portrait and that too with whites and close colours its wow

Very beautiful! I love the pale tones the flow through the whole image. It suites your model perfectly!

Very nice portrait! :)


Gorgeous and pleasing whites, simply stunning.

I love everything about this photo. The model is obviously gorgeous, but what really catches my eye is the all white concept. It's executed to perfection. Really great work here. Props.

I love this shot. The lighting & posing is excellent. This model is superb. The hair falling off the shoulder is excellent as well. Please be aware of placing any subject directly in the center of the frame. This will create negative space on both sides. In my opinion, if you crop this image & delete said negative space, this will have a more dramatic effect. Be also careful about the hand placement.Thank you for sharing this image. I hope you will continue the photograph this model.

Well done!

Very good high key.


This is an astonishingly beautiful photo.

Didn't like the background vertical pipe as in-focus as it was. Otherwise it would be a 5.

sick shot! But I do not really know what is going on with her hip - this is freaking me out since I saw it and I can't find a possible answer

Nicely done, strong work!