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Gorgeous model. The movement in her hair brings the shot to life for me.

Obviously I don't know what the color choice looked like, but I can tell black and white was a strong choice. Great frame.

sweet photo! love the mood

stunning! very nice B&W conversion.

Very very nice


Very plain and simple but this is one of the best portraits i've ever seen. BW is a really good choice, and the flying forelock is making this picture the most, for me.

gorgeous b&w portrait. love the hair movement

It's a hard choice to make at times color/bw..nice choice here

Gorgeous B/W love it..

nailed it! wow

I'd love to know more about how you lit this delightful image

Is Franck' s awesome work all done with DSLR or is some large format ?

coool shoot

Très belle photo : le modèle est tout simplement superbe et naturelle, la lumière très bien gérée !

Amazing B&W beauty porttrait!

A truly captivating mood!

Great capture .. lots of emotion

هر وقت این عکس رو میبینم گریه میگیره اصلا این عکس اتیشم میزنه.عاشقشم

beautiful ...


beautiful model and stunning shoot


Great picture