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I have been having so much fun for the last 2 years as I have taken my landscape photography to a higher level. Since I do this to satisfy my own passion, I really do not mind the late nights, the early morning wake ups when I get a good chance to just enjoy a nice sunrise, completely clearing my head of the usual daily life things and just connecting with the scene I chose at the time.
But as landscape photographer, you have to usually try many times before you get all the elements you want for your image to all fall into place.
Since I have been working in Japan, I have wanted to capture the Golden Gate bridge emerging out of the fog for a while but with the number of days I spend in California, having the right amount of fog, a good light, etc has been a difficult task. I have not counted the many early morning wake up calls to drive to the Marin side, hoping to see the right amount of fog but ending up being a bust, but it it is probably in the 10 to 15 times range at least.
Finally that early summer day I was able to get that special moment when it all falls into place.
I got up around 2:30AM and drove across the bridge. Everything looked very promising.
Once I parked the car, I walked a bit further up the hill and settled on a first spot.
I spent a good amount of time just enjoying the fog flow over the Golden Gate at night.
Finally as it got brighter I decided to walk a bit further up.
There it was, the fog over the deck of the bridge, the glow from the lights still on around the Northern tower, the fog also dancing in the valley under me, finally the image I had imagined was happening.
Like a lot of photographers here have probably experienced, it was such an exciting moment.
I am so glad I got up early that day, and also from the previous failed events that made it even more special that day.

100mm · f/8.0 · 30s · ISO 100
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Definitely worth the effort!

Just magic. A treat when it happens and you catch it. Makes it worthwhile. Great shot.

Your images are wonderful!

Thank you so much!

Exceptional Capture.... You Nailed It !!!!