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Dutch light

Zaanse Schans is a neighbouroughood of Zaandam, in the Netherlands, home of many traditional dutch windmills.
Like many places in this country, walking in this village is a unique experience due to the singularity of its buildings, the explosion of colors everywhere and the calm atmosphere given by the water surrounding the area. It is really like being in a fairy tale
Holland is not known for its beautiful weather, but it is known for its beautiful light. Luckily I’ve found the right conditions for admire it and understand why the Dutch sky has been always source of inspiration for many Dutch painters.

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very nice and wish it was mine lol

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At first glance looks like a cool photography hot spot, yet after looking and enjoying such a beautiful composition and edit, it feels so intimate that it could be someones backyard (some very cool backyard though). Fantastic image, I'm really enjoying it.

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Luigi, how did you manage this shot without the crowds of (how do I put this nicely...) tourists? And when did you find it with no wind? :-p
bellissimo foto!