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Perspective Wedding

Yes this is a wedding photo :D For this couple I got pretty much free hands to come up with original concept for their wedding photo. I knew that the couple are into movies, so I wanted to create definitely something that has movie feel.

I got some inspiration from the movie Inception where the perspective of the world changes in the dreamworlds.

The image was created from 4-6 different exposures, both people was shot separately as they were lying on the is backs. In the background there is one long 30 sec exposure to get all the ambient light deep feeling in the image, and then additional flash shots to make certain areas pop.

The hardest part was to make the poses look natural since they were lying on their backs trying to get the head up, we needed bit of help with that and good abdominal muscles :D

Canon 5D Mark III
24mm · f/4.0 · 1/13s · ISO 250
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Out of this world… now the trick is to convince my next wedding couple to do this :P

Wow. That's some creative posing....

That is what you get when you give free hands to photographer to make something different .. :D

I love this :)

Awesome Antti :)


Damn! Picture of the day!

Great attention to detail!

Well i really appreciate all the work done here, from the idea to the marvelous execution and post processing, They were so lucky to have antti

Wow, this is awesome. It tricks the brain!

Super cool shot. Its such a challenge sometimes to come up with something crazy original and have clients who give you that kind of freedom. You captured it for sure.

Nice work!

Very creative!

wonderful concept!

Awesome concept!


This is so good! Congrats.

Very original


Very creative. Amazing picture