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A magical encounter at the pool with the waterfall Cascade de La Chaudière. There I found this lovely waternymph singing to the waterdroples and falling leaves near sunset.

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A beautiful chiaroscuro image!

That is a word I didn't know. But I looked it up and like it a lot.

A new term .... how fun! Now you have to write an article on it! Seriously.

Wikipedia says:

"Chiaroscuro is a mainstay of low-key black & white photography."

Hence, your recent article on high and low key imagery got me thinking again about the chiaroscuro style, and how I may employ it in my wildlife photography.

I should add that your articles, and others that I read online, inspire me to go out and actually put the info to use when I am afield shooting wild birds and animals.

That is why the articles are so meaningful to me. They're not just things to discuss and argue about here online, but rather things to take out there with me as inspiration for real-world shooting.

You are absolutely correct. I gues my preferable black and white images are a lot like chiaroscuro style.
Perhaps it is something for an article. I will think about it. THank you very much. I hope it will bring some inspiration again.