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- Accept orders for retouching your photos. Retoucher.
- Education photo processing. Live and video tutorials my retouching techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom.
My e-mail : begmaD_photo@mail.ru
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Angelina veronica's picture

Creative stylist capturing . Thank you so much for sharing .

Matthias Dengler's picture

I really really love that shot! Perfect composition, post-production. Especially the toning matches the rainy mood. Great job! :)

Hi Ody's picture

Two very interesting placed buttons! :-)
I like the dark mood of the shot .

Akintomiwa Akin-Onigbinde's picture

Amazing photograph! Lovely tones.

John Ekor's picture

A master shoot indeed. I am quickly drawn to this image primarily because of your delicate choice of colour grade. This is lovely.

Omar Ghomrawi's picture

very nice bro

Eric Dejuan's picture

really nice.

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Jennifer Kovalevich's picture

Love this! Great Tones and mood!

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Osceola DuBois's picture

Where can I purchase retouching tutorials Dima?

Robert Nurse's picture

Good work: the rain, the gloom, the situational contrast with the model cutting through it. Nice!

Jason Bodden's picture

I really love that the main lighting is on her face with a beautiful, quick falloff. Lovely exposure against the dark, ambient exposure. Gorgeous work. Love her face, too. Stunning.