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Great shot!

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The wall is screaming sweet and bliss. While the model is screaming sexy. Great composition, I love how you kept her skin tones neutral and everything else a green light tone..

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Thanks, mate :)

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Great form!

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Was the wall painted in post? Or is this that awesome of a wall?! If it real, great find! if its fake, great editing!

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100 times yes!! your stuff is killer man, love it :)

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Another fantastic shot.
I love your style.

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wow great picture. love it. Nice outfit, pose and well done with the hair. thumbs up

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Very nice work Jaime.

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Amazing work Jaime. Congrats.

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Jaime, this one is spot on, nice balance, lovely tones, nice movement, great flow, lovely proportion of the skin tone to the greens. (I'd be curious to understand how much of this was post, but happy to just soak this one up) Thank you for sharing.

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Love this image

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Great eye you've got there.