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Waiting for a nex tram

This was taking in a parking lot for old trams. Very, very moody place. Wooden trams that still remeber WW II and some modern but completely unrepairable. I took my best model there Kasia and depending on the interior decoration we choose proper dress. All is ambient light. I hope u like it folks!

Canon 6d
35 · f/1.8 · 1/200 · ISO 125
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I always enjoy the contrast between surroundings and subject. What works well are colors of her lips, the shoes and the peeling paint in the seatback! This is excellent!

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Thank u Robert. Sorry for belated replay :)

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Nice shot

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Thank u Dusty

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nice.....im still learning how to get the colors to pop.

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Thx a lot Michael. Yeah it is quite difficult to get such cienmatic look! Be patient :)

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Timeless, I love love it !

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thank u Antoine!

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thank u

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Excellent contrasts! And great location!!!

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thx a lot!

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thank you

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Very powerful shot. Most captivating.

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thx mate!

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This is amazing, I love the color matching you've done here with the dress, shoes and lipstick. Really stands out as well as a beautiful model in a run down scene. Hats off to you sir.

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thank u very much mf!

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Great mood and colors!

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thx my dear!

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Thats some damn good light!

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thank you :)

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I have been admiring all the great photos on fstoppers for over a year. This is the first one that forced me to register, just to leave a comment. Wow! amazing color, sharpness composition, and editing. Great Great job. I absolutely love this pic.

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That flatters me much :)

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Great grungy location.

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I really like the contrast between the model and the location.

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any chance you could show a before and after of this image? absolutely mind blowing