Sunbeams by Damian Piórko
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January 26, 2017

Katarzyna Kluska Polish beautiful girl is making this series very specific. Soon will be more with her. I took this session in paeking lot for old trams in my city. Nice spot for anyone who loves retro shooting :)

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Matthias Dengler's picture

Damn, man! Fantastic shot. 5* You're dope!
Did you create the sunbeam in Photoshop?
So are you Polish? I also live in Poland. If yes, where do you live?

Damian Piórko's picture

yes Matti! I added beams in PS. I was lacking a light in this shot. I live in Wrocław City :) Beer? :)

Matthias Dengler's picture

Was there already once, when I'm there next time, then for sure! :)

beautiful shot of beautiful and background also

Justabeginner photographer's picture

All your pictures remind me of all the other photographers that live in Eastern Europe. You guys all have the same style of post processing. I wonder if this is a cultural thing or if you guys share your techniques lol.

Damian Piórko's picture

Rather technique. I'd love to watch the paintings of different painters lived in XV-XIX c. Maybe that influences us much :)

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top picture!