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Porsche Cayman GT4

I'd always wanted to strobe a car in the rain, so a few weeks ago I was able to take out a gorgeous Sapphire Blue Cayman GT4 and do a little bit of location scouting. The area I typically shoot around doesn't have too much to work with, so I chose the corner of a warehouse around the corner. Overall i'm pretty satisfied with the result.

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What modifires did you use?

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No modifiers. Just a regular Flashpoint RL600 and about 8 layers. I've been considering buying a softbox for future use, but haven't decided whether it would be worth it yet or not.

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Just out of curiosity what do you mean by layers?

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Sorry, layers in photoshop. I initially combined 8 exposures.

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Oh thanks for the clarification.

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Soft boxes are cheap , so i would say its worth it cause it will give you different type of shots when you need them, good luck bro and thanks for replying.

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I'm sure i'll go that route before too long. I always like experimenting with new ideas (to me). And of course; I love hearing feedback and questions about my work. Thank you.

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Well done, great colors!

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Thank you!

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Your body of work is phenomenal.
I am car dude,but i could not pick just one picture and call it my favoriten,good job Sir.

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My main focus the last year has been automotive photography, and I noticed below someone suggesting a softbox. I can only speak from personal experience when I say that you don't need it. I have a strip box, and I rarely use it. The problem is that instead of a small bare bulb reflection in the paint to clone out, you have this really large white softbox reflection to clone out. And if that's on a small body panel or hard-to-edit curve in the body line, you're pretty much toast. Great shot though, I saw you post on facebook and IG.