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Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS

I think one of the best colors on the new Porsches is "Chalk", an off-white nonmetallic paint. The dealership I work at just got one in the other day, so the first thing I asked was "mind if I shoot it?" The answer was "definitely, yes. Go for it." I was restricted to about 2 parking spaces-worth of room to maneuver in since it was snowing like crazy outside, so I wanted to use some of the other cars in the room to my advantage. In the foreground is the front fender of a Bentley Bentayga reflecting some of the other vehicles in the room. In the background are a couple more vehicles. The Porsche light on the wall made for the perfect accent to the image.

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Superb shot! Nice atmosphere!

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Thank you! I did what I could for a horrible snowy day