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Fragrance Bottle With Black Liquid

©Brian Rodgers Jr. All Rights Reserved. www.digitalartthatrocks.com

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Thanks man :)

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In Aaaaaaaw Brian

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Thank you!

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Very nice indeed! But the flair distracts the eyes movement from top left to bottom right across the important logo.

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Thanks for the feedback Andreas! Personally, I dig the light flair, I think it's subtle and adds some atmosphere to the white background

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Great Image, well done

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Thanks Kavak!

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Fantastic shot! I have to say I agree with the comment about the flare, but I can also see your point. I guess I might have made it more pronounced to create intentionality. Overall really nice though!

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Great shot, would of liked to see some movement in the black smoke, how on earth did you make the smoke. well done

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Love it Brian!

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Thanks Blake!

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Rocking shot. No more to say :)

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Great Shot! :)

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Gorgeous. Love it.

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Just outstanding!

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Thank you!