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Red Wine with Splash

Some personal work that I created, experimenting with wine and splash

Sony A7R2
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Llewellyn Badham-Thornhill's picture

Wow now this is the most inspiring photography and idea I've seen in a long time, shot of the year for me Brian

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Wow that's a huge compliment, I'll take it! Thanks for the kind words Liewellyn! Means a lot

mark zawila's picture

very nice...really like the way the liquid splashes 'echo' the label artwork

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Thanks Mark!

Mirza Hasanefendic's picture

Absolutely amazing shot, congratulations Brian!

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Thanks Mirza!

Felix Hernandez's picture

100...1000...1000000000 just perfect and beautiful!

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Thanks so much Felix!

Ale Vidal's picture

Sublime! You do you get this result? The splash, you did it in a specific way?

Alan Hynes's picture

Brian, you have your liquid techniques NAILED.

Tom Moroz's picture

sweet.. :)

James Simeone's picture

Outstanding! Thank you.

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Thanks James, I really appreciate it!

Liza Rock's picture

Beautiful masterpiece!

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Thanks Liza, Just checked out your portfolio on Fstoppers. You've got some nice work in there!

Liza Rock's picture

Thanks a lot Brian!

Griffin Johnson's picture

freaking awesome

Simon Anderson's picture

WoW love the red on black, so creative, amazing work

Goran Avramovic's picture

So what to say except self-righteous.

DaWood Es's picture

That's the real deal