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Expressions of Nature

One of the joys and possibly the best pleasures of traveling to make landscape photography, for me, is to return with the desired photo and the story behind it. So far I have been very lucky and I have had great experiences and the story behind this photo was certainly one of the most interesting and exciting experiences I have had in Puno, Peru.

This place is called the Archaeological Complex of Cutimbo. It is located in Km 22 of the Puno - Moquegua highway. It is formed by two plateaus that emerge on the pampas of Cutimbo and Viluyo.

My friend Jose and I had stayed more than 2 weeks in the Puno department visiting some places we had explored a year earlier and decided to visit this particular one at that time on our trip the ideal weather consisted of clear pampas and skies with beautiful clouds Giving the impression of a return with good photos, arriving at the place the weather had changed and it started to rain it was not difficult to find shelter since we were still in the village, all we wanted was for the rain to stop, which would be great for That we would have an impressive clouds and hopefully get that photo that one both desires and thus happened just stopped the rain we started our ascent to the plateau having a good Omen (You can see my photo on my FB page representing the word "PRESAGIO: https://goo.gl/nbq9uw") We made some photos of the ruins and general view from the top to a certain point I was happy with the photos I had made when we had decided to descend, we heard a thunder behind our friend and I turned in the direction of the sound meeting with an amazing view, the Sky with clouds of thick formation letting us see from time to time the lightning that occurs in the clouds, we knew that we had to go back to work, we had the opportunity to take photographs of lightning around the plateau we fixed our cameras and we started with the shooting no It was dark enough to make long exposures and none of us had a lightning bolt so we had to rely on our instinct, the parameter was to push the button after the thunder to some extent was somewhat frustrating it went on for a little over half an hour and not We achieved nothing. We were thinking of giving up on it, I've left but I decided to wait a little longer and concentrate, I just wanted to capture a lightning bolt. That was it, well they say that "The one who insists gets it" and as you can see, get my photo. I was excited and very satisfied with what I had literally captured jump for joy, I feel very fortunate to have been there and observe so much beauty of Nature.

I am glad to have this image as a souvenir. I hope you enjoy.

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