The jump of the Friar by Ronald Espinoza
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The jump of the Friar

November 3, 2019

Anyone who has been on the beach la herradura en chorrillos probably knows this location or maybe you are like me who after living 13 years in Lima has not visited this place, despite being a place that I have always wanted to visit since I started in photography, had not done so for some reason always ended up prologue the time to get to know this part of Lima.

Until the day came when the opportunity presented itself and I visited the place in the company of two great friends Jose & Miguel. We had decided to go for a weekend; to be more exact we went on a Sunday afternoon. Don't imagine seeing so many people, in part I am very happy that people in the company of friends or family enjoy natural spaces like this. It's a way to get close to nature and observe how beautiful it is and remember to take care of it.

So if you are going to visit this place, remember not to pollute it more than it already is.

Great start of the week for everyone!

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