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The Shell

Directing Lea is always fun. She's up for anything and knows exactly how to respond to any given setup. This time though, I just faked dropping a pencil.
One 50cm silver beauty dish with two homemade diffuser socks.

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/60s · ISO 50
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So very humbled to see this as a PotD. Thank you again, Ryan.

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Hey C.K., thanks for taking the time to write that, appreciated.

Most of the time my culling process lasts mere seconds because it absolutely has to be a gut call. I go over the filmstrip or the thumbnails once from top to bottom and once from bottom to top. If an image "did" something at first glance, then it does and goes to the does bin. If it didn't, it doesn't and goes to the doesn't bin.

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beautiful work OYC

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Thank you, Fabian.

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amazing, she's so beautiful

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Really nice photo! Would you please share with me which Lens you used and the aperture? thanks! :)

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Thanks ! I used a Nikon 85mm 1.8G

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Amazing girl!)

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She look so fragile and vulnerable, but at the same time proud.
Fantastic work!