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Projection #2-2b

One light above. Silver beauty dish with two homemade diffusion socks.

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Beautiful Shot!

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A classic lighting set-up but a totally unique result. Love the simple, low make-up styling.

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I'd like to see this with a 135 from a distance. Her features are distorted by the closeness of the lens. the tip of her nose is a distraction form the beauty of her eyes. Maybe take a little brightness off it? This portrait might benefit from the gaussian blur mask in PS: where ou make a copy layer on top and blur it. Then erase holes for the eyes (etc.) to show through razor sharp. Then punch up the eyes for more 'pop'. It's a tried and true technique that never fails to please.

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Do you have an example of this technique, sounds intriguing.

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Love the DoF on this, all the important elements brought to the front of the image allowing the viewer to focus on clear discrete aspects of the model.