Shot at studio, light painting a scale car / toy.
I also did the small diorama inside a box and the weathering and customized of the scale car.

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This is fantastic! Your work is mind blowing!

Hi Juhamatti, thank you so much mate!... glad you enjoy it and find it inspiring.

Loved seeing how you accomplished this in the facebook group!

Thanks Deaqon!....Saludos.

Inspirated by this exact photo I contacted I fellow who have a rusty old Chevy in his workshop and asked could I take photos of it. He said ofcourse and so went and photographed this yesterday: https://fstoppers.com/photo/157194

Its not miniature but still there is similar mood I think :) Thanks again for inspiration :D

Ohhh man, thanks for sharing... miniature or real size... is just great!!!... Thank you mate.