Atlas and the Sun by David Strauss
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Atlas and the Sun

December 12, 2016

This shot was a result of a little over a year of planning. My goal was to have a bodybuilder "holding" the sun with an atlas style pose and get everything in camera.
I shot on a crop sensor with a Tamron 150-600mm with a 2x extender. I then cropped a bit more to get my final composition. I used 4 Profoto D1's powered by a generator to light the subject.
At this distance the sun set at about an inch per second on the models body. I only had enough time to take about 4 shots before the sun dipped too low and we nailed it on the second shot.
This was by far the most complicated picture I've every planned for.

1200mm · f/45.0 · 1/200s · ISO 50
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Ryan Mense's picture

This is so so good. Well worth the effort you put in to plan for it.

Lasaro Abalos's picture

Like the shot. Sometimes the experience is worth all the effort. I think he learned some new things that might help him in his future shoots. Good on you for not taking the "easy" way and photoshopping

Great photo and great story!

You got the image you were looking for. Validation enough and great training

Well worth the effort. Memorable images aren't ones that were created in post, but that show the scene as it was. Photoshoping this together would've looked too clean and artificial (for ex the light bleed around the model's head would be missing), and taken away from the realism of it.

Osman Merdan's picture

I watched the video :D I cant say it is worth it but I am sure that must be definitely fun to do something like that :D The effort and creative process you put in this shot sure will inspire many of us

A herculean effort. Well done!

Zoe Larkin's picture

So much better for the effort. Photoshop pish.

I prefer the authenticity of the real thing. People can tell when an image is Photoshopped. Nicely done...

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