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Pink Lemonade

This photo was taken in my dining room area about 8x8 space. I created the set with 3 $10 wood panels from home depot that i painted in 3 different colors one you can't see since it was used for the flooring and is covered in balloons. I had 5 people fill up about 300 balloons and we filled the whole room with balloons in 3 different shades yellow, light pink and dark pink. I placed my model in the pit of balloons and lit her with a 16 inch gridded beauty dish for main and used a 36 inch octabox for fill. The camera used was a canon 6D with a Tamron 28-75mm 2.8

Canon 6D
37mm · f/4.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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The photo pops! Great job!

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One can't be help noticing the skin on the hands appears much older than the skin on the face which leads to one of several conclusions:
1 - A lot of post processing has occurred on the face;
2 - Two different models were used;
3 - The model takes a lot more care of her face than her hands.

Just my opinion and thankfully, photography is very much a matter of 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' But in this instance, not mine.

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Not that much retouching on her face, So I guess lets go with option 3. The model is very very thin so her fingers are quite bony which is the highlights and shadows you are seeing on her hands. My photography is not for everyone to like it's more my personal taste and artistic expression if someone happens to like it great if not that is also ok so I understand the low rating from your part I'm sure we have completely different taste in photography and what you find beautiful I might find completely awful. Thanks for the comment and have a good day.

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What a fun image! I love it! Styling really pops her against the balloons. Awesome color. Congrats!