Emily - Koko Mag by Greg Desiatov
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Emily - Koko Mag

December 17, 2016

This image was published in Koko Mag. I had discussed with my makeup artist a number of concepts regarding bold, bright and beautiful colors.

Simone had a number of wigs that she cut and restyled to suit the shoot and we ended up with a very cool series.

The garment that Emily is wearing is actually just a couple of pieces of material wrapped around her and clamped at the back.

Lighting was a simple 1.2m octaganol softbox positioned high, angled down and directly in front

Model: Emily Rose Purcell
MUAH: Simone Clarke | @ARTistHD

Canon 5d Mk II
50mm · f/10 · 1/125sec · ISO 200
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Amazing colors!

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Thats just beautiful !!!

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Thats just beautiful

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