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Søren Staun Petersen's picture

this is a beauty!

Brandy Yowell's picture

Thank you! :)

Rebecca Britt's picture

This is just great!!!

Brandy Yowell's picture

Thanks Rebecca! This was a fun recipe, really hands on. I'll have to share it in a blog post soon!

Idiata Ebhodaghe's picture

I like it, very nice job

Brandy Yowell's picture

Thanks Idiata!

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Kristi Woody's picture

These photos ALMOST make me want to eat beets ;) Very well done!

Brandy Yowell's picture

Haha! I'll take it! You'll have to let me know if you ever do try beets!

Peter House's picture

Wonderful composition here :)

Brandy Yowell's picture

Thank you Peter!