Pirate of wind by Anushka Eranga
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Pirate of wind

December 30, 2016

Dubai city was covered by fog taken a day before in early morning at the blue hour.

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I love the buildings, colors, lights and fog. I am not sure whether the slight bend in the towers from the wide angle lens contributes to the surrealism, or whether I would like a more realistic version as well, if the towers were straightened in post.

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hi Michael, Actually I did it manually by myself. the original one was straight.

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Fascinating! Now that I am looking again, the horizon curves down in the upper corners and the short buildings in the lower left are leaning out. The eye is drawn to the two tallest towers middle left and the tower on the right with the row of lights running up and down the side facing the camera. Those three buildings frame the image like arms trying to hold the rest of the landscape. Great job!

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This photo is amazing! Keep up the nice work!

Fascinating! I could it given 6 stars.