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To all who were asking me where did I shot this, it's inside a Ford Caravan, this warm light is a mixer of both artificial and natural lights. all these images were lighted up with NiceFoto, HA3300 + 120 Parabolic, 2 nos Bi-Color RGB lights, and of course the window light.
I used Sony A9II with Zeiss 55mm F/1.8 lens along with sony 20mm 1.8 to capture all these images. and I love this body as it's super fast when focusing in low light, it grabs the EYE AF really well.
Color graded with Infinite Color Panel
Gorgeous Thrishala did a great job by being adjusted to the limited space with all the light stands with large modifiers.so I'm slowly moving to continuous lights, and I'm expecting to do a few more collaborations in the coming month.
more photos are on my instagram.com/anushka.eranga

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