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When Dawn married Dusk

What would a sunset look like on a planet like Kepler 16-B ? This planet is orbiting around two stars. So you could stare at a sunrise wile the sunset would already be behind you... I made this compositing as a part of a series of places where your shadow would always have company...

18mm · f/1.8 · 1/1000s · ISO 100
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Cool photo! was not this a Longe exposure with a density filter?

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Thanks Juan ! It is actually a compositing of three different pictures taken at three different time (night, early morning and evening) I used the morning and evening photos for the main landscape and the night one, which is a long exposure, for the car passing by.

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Well Done! :) Thank you for sharing.

Juan Vergara's picture

Cool Photo! was not this photo a long exposure with a density filter?

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That's insane! Love it :) Great concept!

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I like everything about this. The third image with long exposure really makes the road pop. I can't decide whether I like the second mitten in the dark, or if the setting sun should have lit it up a bit too. However, the variance in the amount of light on the three rock formations probably adds more interest than if they were more evenly lit. My favorite image from recent weeks.

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Thanks Michael ! Your comment is very appreciated !

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loove it!

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how did you managed to stay the whole day in the same spot? Like, did you booked a room at The View hotel or did you just simply stayed the hole day there?

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There is an incredible campground very close to the place I shot this. I actually made some shot the evening and at night, Put some markers on the ground and then came back the morning to take the rising sun shots. I then made some alignement of the shots and compositing in post.

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It's great man, looks awesome!

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Amazing composition. Hard work and patience pays off, that shot is outstanding!

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Love it!

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Great pic. More than one sun, 2 at least)