Mueller River

February 1, 2017

One of the most scenic walks in New Zealand with amazing views and little effort. A short 5km walk through Hooker Valley gives you breath taking views of Mt Cook National Park before finally arriving at Hooker Lake to view the mighty Mount Cook above the glacier. This shot is taken from one of the three footbridges that cross the glacial river river system.

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Nelson Jewell's picture

Fantastic work, Kieran.

Mark Evans's picture

Great shot/work, now another reason to go back...

Thank you, Mark :)

Please share your EXIF data. Helps noobs like me get an idea where to start. Amazing shot, and processing.

1/1000sec ISO100 F8, hand held. 17mm Canon 5D mkIII

Kieran, this shot is epic....well done!!!

ciprian sommer's picture

awesome stuff.did u use any filters and could you let us know what lens did u had on?

No Filters and 1/1000sec ISO100 F8, hand held. 17mm (Canon 17-40 F4) Canon 5D mkIII

ciprian sommer's picture

much appreciated! Good luck with your work!

Patrick Hall's picture

Awesome image. I saw this thumbnail and thought "that looks like Hooker lake!" Crazy how easily recognizable it is. One of the best hikes I've ever done

I've been to Mt Cook National Park twice and done this hike 5 times ;) I'm looking forward to the next 5 times I get to do it too!