The Silent Astronomer by Daniel Laan
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The Silent Astronomer

February 5, 2017

~ Guy pointing out the constellation of Orion.

At the moment, I'm reviewing the STC Astro-Multispectra clip-in filter. And so far my findings are quite positive. The only light pollution it does not seem to handle well is when it's reflected on clouds. So the distant orange bulge is an incoming set of clouds in the south.

While the night sky really gets her true colours with this filter, I must say that it's tough to correct the colours for the foreground.

Because I use an unmodified and untracked camera, I've never been able to get good colours out of the Orion nebula, (the bright magenta spot), so I'm happy with that - even at 24mm. There's a more detailed review coming. This is just a test shot really. :)

Hazy, clear in the zenith. Moonlight (half), rural area (Bortle 4,5) with distant city. Seeing 3.

8 x 25 sec median stack for the sky (filtered).
8 x 30 sec median stack for the foreground (unfiltered).
1 x 25 sec for the selfie (can't stand still for longer :D )

Oh, and at ISO 800 because of the ISO invariant sensor in the D750.

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