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Ebony 01

Recently published in US based Surreal beauty Magazine.

This is a shoot I've been wanting to do for quite a while. The talented team I work with does such an amazing job o the day greatly cuts down on the amount of post production for me.

Makeup artist, designers and stylists, they all contribute at least 80% to the image and I just give it that final 'stylized' look. Without the team, I have very little to work with. Much of the credit must go to them.

Model: Ebony Bowley
MUAH: Simone Clarke @ArtistHD
Designer: Erika Stamer-Squair

Canon 5D Mark II
50mm · f/10 · 1/125th · ISO 200
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Wow! Compliments to you and the team.

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Great shot! Could you describe the lighting set up?

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Lighting was a single 2m parabolic umbrella