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Richard Fura

The last composite I made.
I shot seperatly the background, the bike and the rider.
Everything shot with a 7D and light with Elinchrom stuff.

Canon 7D
22mm · f/11.0 · 1.6s · ISO 200
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Its a nice composite except for the bike. It looks like its floating and doesnt look realisitc. Add some shadows underneath to make it more believeable. Great shot otherwise.

Well technically it is floating... those stands lift the bike off the ground I believe.

Ok that makes sense, my bad. :)

Thanks levi.
Yes the wheels don't touch the ground ^^ I made a Video of the photoshop part.

I understand the bike is sitting on a stand, but it creates a distraction - otherwise the best butt/bike combo shot of the week! Great job.