El Mago by Jeffrey Castillo

"Think outside the box" I grew up hearing this over and over again. It never made sense to me and it really annoyed me that no one could really explain how to actually do it. So here it goes, I'm gonna break it down for all of you. (Advice for upcoming artist) Think inside the box! Yes I really mean that, it's not a typo. Master thinking inside the box. Learn your craft inside and out, front and back. There is no shortcuts to being a great thinker or an amazing artist. Put the work in. Pour all your heart and soul into your art. Over time you will become a master of your craft and thus a result each ounce of knowledge will fill up that box with wisdom. Wisdom will explode the boundaries of that box and it is then where you can finally be able to think outside the box. It's Saturday, and all I can say is that I just heard a huge ass explosion, it was my box. It was music to my ears. I'm thankful and in love with this feeling of freedom. It's a beautiful site, paradise is waiting outside the box. Stop making excuses and Get your butt to work, I'll be waiting in paradise for you. #digitaljeff #motivated #artist #sacrifice #rant #turnup #advice

50mm · f/4.0 · 1/80s · ISO 200
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