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Biscuit galaxy

Self project made just for fun. I was trying to do still life photo with little bit od dynamic.

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How do you capture that live? you must have gone a fair number of biscuits!! I am very interested to know the behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing!!

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Hi Domenico, I had about 2 packs of biscuits, but i've used only one biscuit for that shot. First of all, i had an idea what i want to achieve. Than i broke biscuit into several smaller pieces and shoot them one by one separately, than i took photos of fruits. I have used same lighting all that time for biscuits and fruits. They were supported in the air using some wires and needles. Small crumbs I did separately, shot from above and i put them on to black paper to make the selecting process easier. After all that shots, I spend couple of hours with photoshop to composite all frames together. And that is basicly it 😀